Happy Birthday Coffee Party!

Still here. Still making a difference.

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In 2010, when the Citizens United decision came down from the Supreme Court, thousands and thousands of Americans began to wake up and stand up in resistance. Thousands showed up for marches and protests - even on some very cold days in January!


But even as this movement grew, the social and political climate of America became more fractured and divided. It became clear that we needed another movement that would not only stand against corruption in politics, it would stand for reasonable, respectful citizen involvement. All of us - right and left and independent; rich and poor and middle class; black and brown and white - all of us needed to learn how to talk together and work together in order to solve America’s challenges.

We saw the need and stepped into the gap and the grassroots movement - Coffee Party USA - was born.

From our earliest days, Coffee Party has been committed to the idea of sitting together over a cup of coffee and finding common ground. Hundreds of local communities did just that in 2010 and 2011. Then the national organization began to grow and expand creating a variety of projects and campaigns to promote greater citizen involvement. Our Facebook page took off and now has over 1 million followers, readers who are encouraged to discuss their differences of opinion in civil and respectful conversation.

CP_logo_2018.pngNow in 2018, we continue to birth new ways to promote our core values and common goals. In this election year, we will focus especially on voting rights and responsibilities. (You can read our position papers on Election Reform here.)

Also in 2018, in time for our 8th birthday, we are launching our new logo: red and blue hands clasped together in purple unison around a warm, friendly cup of coffee. Encircling the clasped hands are the words: Civility. Unity. Integrity. The three key values that we want to model in our movement. Three core ideals we want to see replicated in our society and in America’s politics.

So Happy Birthday Coffee Party USA. Congratulations on eight passionate, fascinating years of making a difference for America.

May there be many more to come and thank you for joining us on the journey.

~Charlotte Coyle, President

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