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Each $29.95 donation comes with 2lbs(32oz) of coffee, in 2x 1lb(16oz) bags.  Choose how many orders of 2lbs of coffee you want by changing your donation amount below.

  • $29.95 = 2lbs
  • $59 = 4lbs
  • $87 = 6lbs
  • $115 = 8lbs

Grind Options:

All orders come WHOLE BEAN by default.  To request ground coffee you must send an email to after you place your order, specifying which coffees you want ground, and we will record it for all of your future orders.  Use the list of grind types below to pick the size grind you want to match your brewing device.

  • Whole Bean (Default, no need to email us. We recommend this for freshness.)
  • Most Coarse (French Press)
  • Med Coarse (Percolator)
  • Med (Drip)
  • Med Fine (Pour Over)
  • Fine (Espresso)
  • Very Fine (Turkish)

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